Hell on earth. No just a documentary … Hail Satan?

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The 2019 Sundance Film Festival had the premier of HAIL SATAN? and it melted the ice! Just kidding am sure a few people felt the temperature rise when people watched the film showing how the religious movement is raining ‘hell fire’ down using US law. Penny Lane (Nuts!Our Nixon) is bringing an insightful peephole to a group quite a few of us have heard of using religious equality to push equality. Truth to power is how a few of the members passion for religious freedom, media savvy, and wicked humor is pushing back on traditional ‘religious’ rights. I’m very excited to see Hail Satan? and learn how they are using non-Christianity to fight for social and political justice in the United States. It’s an inspiration that has been an example used by others across the globe.

Directed by Penny Lane Produced by Gabriel Sedgwick

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