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Well what the heck does this mean??? I’m not dating anyone after Yakob and I broke up (good guy just not a good match for me).  I was hoping my eyes would meet the perfect man during a panel at SDCC but alas I was working like CRAZY with interviewing cast members of some of my favorite shows.  Psych, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Korra and Grim… hmm I’m bragging a LITTLE bit since talking to them made up for not getting a date!  bwa ha ha No really I do want a date someone!

But I have to agree with the horoscope to a degree since you can’t look back at past relationships and say ‘what might have been’.  Nobody can change the past not me, not you, not your ex and certainly not wishes upon a star.  So I say look back at past relationships to see what went wrong and right, why they made you happy or unhappy and use that as a template to know what you NEED as opposed to what you want but don’t stuck on the past so much that you can’t move forward.  Crying that your over 40 and don’t have child won’t change the fact that you don’t have a child.  Instead focus on meeting someone who either has kids or wants kids RIGHT NOW WITH YOU!!

Don’t compromise on the big stuff or think that you’ll change their minds since it’s just a path to misery.



Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of July 22-28, 2013

Cancer (June 21-July 22): Who you want is so close that you can smell it, but to get them, you’re going to need to sacrifice. Yes, have some discipline and be willing to go that extra mile. Even if this means scrapping all you’ve done in order to rebuild something more solid, do it. Just don’t get all sentimental, because looking to the past won’t let you grip firmly onto your future.

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