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I find it funny that everyone is always rushing to see nude photos of random celebrities.  What’s the big deal??? Have you never seen a pair of boobs or a penis?  What’s the big joy it’s not like you’ve never seen one before and YOU’ll touch one of them.  It’s what I find so fascinating about people always wanting to see somebody’s package (boobs, penis, etc.,) WHY????  Believe me they all look about the same.  Some might be big and others small but all about the same nothing to see that’s majorly different.  So I can happily say that not only have I never seen the Khardasian or Pamela Anderson or the Octomom sex tapes I have no INTEREST in seeing them either!  I’m quite happy with my PG viewing and every once in awhile peeking at rated R but that’s about it for me.  I think it’s because I have a tendency to think that if it were me I wouldn’t want everyone looking at my private bits!  Not that I’m stupid enough to tape myself with all my jiggly bits out (no sirree Bob I don’t look at MYSELF nude so nobody else probably wants to either!).

You may wonder what does that have to do with ‘living a PG life’.  Well everything to put it mildly.  I’m a pretty upbeat, happy-go-lucky person and usually no matter what’s going on tries to look for the silver lining in the clouds.  In response quite a few people have commented that I’m an idiot, or don’t KNOW that someone is being a rude ass and that I must have something wrong with me but I know they are wrong.  Rather you believe in reincarnation or that we only have one life to live it all sums up to living in this moment and this life.  You can CHOOSE to be good or bad but it’s a choice.  We all have the gift of self determination and my choice is to be happy and to be good.   Someone that when I look back on my life will be able to know that I made a positive difference, rarely hurt anyone and was nice.  Now I may not ever own a Mercedes or have a big mansion and vacation in the South of France but I’m OK with that (if you want to give me any of those things drop me a email) but they are things that are not required to bring me happiness.

I think it’s pretty easy to be a good person and here are my golden rules.

  1. Don’t be an ASS (so easy, so simple and so rarely followed)
  2. Treat everyone decently
  3. Count to five before voicing your smart ass opinion
  4. Always imagine that someone whose opinion you value is watching you
  5. Open the doors for other people
  6. SMILE
  7. Give people compliments and/or say something nice to someone
  8. Do the right thing
  9. Look at the bright side of things
  10. Count your blessings

I try to find happiness within myself since looking to others to complete me hasn’t ever really worked.  Now I’m not saying that I’m a castle with a moat filled with piranhas.  I do enjoy having friends and a good man by my side but if never find my soulmate or when friends disappoint me I know that I can rely on myself and my moral compass to always keep me on the path of goodness.  It’s not about being a Good Christian or God Fearing or a Good Buddhist or Goor Muslim it’s about being a good person to satisfy your inner soul or spirit or just your conscious.

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I live in Los Angeles and am a professional in the new media communication and marketing field with experience in non-profit, education, healthcare, political campaign and volunteer management. I’m a trustworthy honest creative professional that is able to offer strategic counseling on marketing & communications using social media.

In my spare time I enjoy cultural events, going to the movies, being a foodie, getting in shape and dating.