It’s hair day on Katie Couric’s new talk show with Wendy Williams and Curly Nikki

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I wrote this blog after hearing that Wendy Williams is going to be talking about Wearing wigs on Katie but THAN I learned that Curly Nikki is going to be on TOO talking about natural hair!!! You know I’m on it girl because I whip between wanting to whip my hair around (but it’s too short) so wear a wig when I want long hair but also embracing my curly natural hair!  

I want to give a BIG hug to Katie for having a show dedicated to women’s hair.  It doesn’t matter if you have a wig, weave, relaxed, shaved, natural, straight, curly, wavy and everything in between.  We ALL love our hair and want to know more options 

that are affordable for everyone.  People are shallow and we will always spend money to look our best that starts with the top of our heads and works it way down to our feet.  So you go Katie and talk hair!  The episode is on today at 3pm (depending on your local broadcast) but it should be fun since Wendy is pretty outspoken about her love affair with wigs and Curly Nikki is all about respecting our curls!  




I’m super excited that Katie is going to interview Wendy Williams about wigs!!! I couldn’t believe last May when she had a ‘wig a day’ and wore a different one all month!  It’s kind of cool that Wendy is honest about wearing wigs and doesn’t act like we need to hide it.  I think most people think of wigs are just too look good, to flip your hair around and change up your style but it’s more than that.  Wigs are being worn because of medical conditions that hit everyone from women to men and even kids!  It’s everything from cancer or Alopecia or baldness and more diseases than I want to think about.  No one should be ashamed to wear a wig and am really excited that Katie is tackling this subject with Wendy in an honest way to make sure that anyone wearing a wig knows they aren’t the only one!   It’s really got me excited about the show since I’m hoping it means she’ll be tackling issues with sensitivity and tact.  Not just for a ‘gotcha’ moment but with empathy to give everyone watching a chance to walk in another person’s shoes.  I know that Wendy always tells it like it is and that the both of them are smart tough women who are FEARLESS!

I bet Katie will ask Wendy all the questions I’m curious about like the classic question of who, why, what and where of Wendy’s purchase of wig in the first place.  I’d love to know who she buys her wigs from.  If the wigs she keeps at the studio are just for work and if they are tax write offs? I think Wendy wears wigs because of a medical condition but would love to hear more about her personal journey to beauty.  I’m very curious of rather she wears human hair wigs or if their synthetic.  I hope Wendy says where she buys them and if they are custom made just for her!  I can’t imagine how much she paid for her wigs and how much her collection is worth!  I wonder if their insured??? I hope that Katie asks about rather she wears tradition wigs or the lacefront.  I know that Beyoncé is queen of the lacefront which is why her wigs can be whipped around stage when she’s dancing up a storm but still I’m unfamiliar on how they attach to the head without coming off!  It’s probably why I’ve been so obsessed with them since moving to LA and seeing just how many women wear them!  Not just rich and famous but co-workers and my friends who drop some major money to get the hair of their dream.  I have friends of all races who are enhancing their hair with wigs from full on to pieces to buns to ponytails.  They are buying hairpieces to look fuller, for buns and ponytails for night outs and just really using them as fashion accessories.  It’s become pretty normal and all of them look at it as an accessory like a headband.  I know that JLO rocks wigs and pieces all the time even for her signature high ponytail that I LOVE!  I mean I grew up watching Cher, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross and Joan Collins from Dynasty back in the day who wore wigs all the time but now it’s a younger generation wearing them too!  Everybody is wearing wigs in Hollywood and I was shocked who was on Team Wig!  Everyone from Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Serena Williams, Madonna, Adele, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga!  Well I mean EVERYONE knows Katie, GaGa and Nicki rock out in wigs but the other women were news to me!  I’ve heard that B (you may now her as Beyoncé) has spent more than $1 MILLION dollars on her wig collection and that’s a lot of money.  I wonder if it can be used as a business write off?  Not that I’m mad who wouldn’t have a bunch of gorgeous wigs if they had the money to buy them to wear for work or socializing?  I’ve been looking around for a few wigs ala Beyoncé and if you buy a human hair wig off the shelf they start at $150 but to have a personalized wig they can cost up and over $10,000!

I spoke with Therris Spears, Mane Appearance Salon in Los Angeles about traditional and lacefront wigs.  ‘A lot of entertainers wear extensions and wigs because it’s less tension on their own hair, having to get it pulled on constantly, having heat put on it, less damage with not having to color or coloring your hair regular.  It also allows someone to achieve lengths, cuts and colors that your hair may not be able achieve but you may have desired, now you can have it all, Therris Spears’.  I was surprised when she told me that Lacefront wigs can only be worn for a few days because of it is glued to your scalp/skin.

I just hope that Katie and Wendy talk real about being a woman, trying to look good and wearing wigs at a price that regular people can buy one!  I want to know the nitty gritty of being a woman wearing a wig in the real world with a job!  I’d love to have a human hair wig but always settle for synthetic so hoping that’s a topic they’ll delve into!  Wendy mentioned that her stylist takes care of the wigs and will curl or style them at her direction so I want to hear more about that!  Also more about her 18 inch wig ‘standard’ what’s that??  I can’t wait to watch this show with Wendy talking about all her wigs!  I wonder if Katie will be getting her ‘wig on’ with Wendy.  I’ll have to wait till the show comes on to find out!  But I know that I plan to get my ‘wig on’ because of Wendy and Katie.  So I’m going to whip my wig back and forth!

Let me know what you think!

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