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It’s my birthday horoscope! June 23 Cancer

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I’m READY for whatever life throws at me!  I won’t lie am hoping it’s something good after the last few years of fate knocking me to the floor on a daily basis but (like to look at the bright side) it only made me stronger!

Life has been quite hard but I kept getting back up after the life knocked me down and tried to smile no matter what.  Hmm if I had my druthers it would be a new car that I love to drive (have a commute now), meeting a great guy (common interests, mutual attraction, etc) and getting more content/collaborators to create original programming on my youtube channel!

I’m hoping that having such a great birthday today.  I had many friends wishing me happy birthday wishes, a free birthday pizza from Big Mamas & Papas (where they sang me happy bday!) and a cheesecake surprise from co-workers.

Life is good!!!!  Happy birthday to all my cancer friends!

Cancer (June 21-July 22): A breakthrough is going to happen, slipping your brain into a new dimension and leaving you with messages from the beyond. Yes, it’s going to get freaky, in terms of feeling like you are channeling an energy that is without explanation. Love it for what it is, as it’ll be one of the more profound and trippiest times you’ll have legally in ages!

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I live in Los Angeles and am a professional in the new media communication and marketing field with experience in non-profit, education, healthcare, political campaign and volunteer management. I’m a trustworthy honest creative professional that is able to offer strategic counseling on marketing & communications using social media. In my spare time I enjoy cultural events, going to the movies, being a foodie, getting in shape and dating.

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