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I’m not shocked that the new season of Sleepy Hollow is bursting at the seams! When I interviewed the producers at San Diego Comic Con (click for youtube video) they dropped a few hints of what the writers had in store for the fans but DANNNGGGG I had no idea the twists and turns and manipulations evil will do to wreck havoc as they plot to bring hell on earth.

Now I’d watched the first season last year religiously never missing an episode and recording on my DirecTV recorder so they could be REWATCHED for clues. So imagine my surprise for the season opener where Abbie and Ichabod were the newest kickass buddy cop duo that had won the battle. I thought to myself that I must have missed an episode somehow. I was a bit upset but of course kept watching the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod as they mourned the loss of the SMWLA Speakeasy Location: The Victorian (and Basement Tavern) in Santa Monica, family and love. I shed a bit of tear for his wife Katrina (no not really she’s standing between Abbie and Ichabod love ) and for Abbie’s kickass sister (love her! I’d be mad to if my sister threw me under the boss and got me committed!).

I don’t want to give away any major details for those who love to binge but it’s a doozy and will have you screaming once the twist does the big revel. My friend @scifimaven thought it was too busy and a bit confusing but I loved the many paths they laid out for fans. I’m sure some a false, half truths and a few will be major revelations.

My favorite is that Abbie and Ichabod will still be able to draw closer as they battle Moloch, that Katrina is a double agent with her first love Abraham Von Brunt aka Headless Horseman (can’t blame him I’d be eternally pissed if my fiancé ran off with my best friend!) and that Henry Parrish aka Sin Eater aka Jeremy Krane aka God of War (that’s a lot of AKA and evil in one guy!) is STILL up to no good all stemming from his Daddy/Mommy issues (join the club dude join the club!!!) bwa ha ha

I’m excited about the second season of Sleepy Hollow and if you haven’t been watching this supernatural procedural drama than get caught up!!!! Your missing out on a great show!

Leave a comment below with your fan love of what’s going to happen this year ….

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