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Superman & Lois are coming home to Smallville

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Superman & Lois premieres Tuesday, February 23, at 9pm on The CW

I can’t believe that we get a new DC Comic Book series with Superman & Lois focusing on his relationship with ‘the suit’, Lois, and going home with the family. When you think about it Superman/Clark has sacrificed so much for Metropolis and humanity as a sterling example of what a hero should be all in a skintight blue suit! Now that I think about it Clark kept a lot from Lois for years and how many parents tell their kids ‘grown folk business’. Mine sure as heck didn’t as a kid and STILL don’t tell me stuff that’s not any of my concern <hmm> is my dad a superhero??? is my mom a supervillain <chortle>

From the very beginning, going back to when she was introduced in 1938, Lois Lane as a character defied society’s expectations of how women should behave. Women at that point were more typically portrayed as demure, but Lois was always opinionated and unapologetic and uncompromising and a career-woman. Part of why she has remained so compelling for so many years is that she’s also vulnerable and fallible, romantic, and goofy, and a clutz — I just find her really appealing

Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Lois Lane

We’ve seen Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) on the CW DC Universe for a few years. He’s portrayed Clark Kent/Superman in the second, fourth, and fifth seasons of Supergirl, the seventh season of Arrow, the fifth and sixth seasons of The Flash, the first season of Batwoman, and the fifth season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so we’ve met him but will really get to know this Clark/Superman from the CW DCTVU. I really like the suit designed by Laura Jean Shannon and her Supersuits team and working closely with Creative Character Engineering. It’s a departure from his other uniforms but I’ve liked the darker tones as well as his portrayal of a good person but who’s ‘seen some stuff’!

I find that the new suit is representative of the show. Just as this suit is unique and set apart from the ones that preceded it, the story we’re telling about Clark/Superman at this point in his life is unique and something we’ve never seen before. I appreciate the opportunity to wear the suit and the responsibility that comes with it. But it’s always interesting when I’m asked how I feel about “my new suit,” because I’ve always felt that the suit doesn’t belong to me; it belongs to everyone that finds some kind of meaning in that suit, in the symbol on the chest. I just happen to be the one wearing it. I come from the world of baseball and a line of coaches that always preached that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back. Because when you wear that jersey, it represents not only you, but your entire team, and everyone that has ever worn that jersey that came before you. So when I wear the suit, that’s what it means to me. It represents everything that Superman stands for and has stood for, for almost a century now. And I look forward to carrying on that tradition.

Tyler Hoechlin who plays Superman/Clark Kent
Photo Credit: Nino Muñoz/The CW

We got Superman into some custom athletic inspired Super-Boots as a ‘jumping off point’ and focused on a new neckline and cape to maximize the billowing and movement we all love to see in the books and films that have defined this character for generations. A streamlined muscle structure and updated paint job combined with some dynamic design lines and a sculpted armored belt all took his established custom fabric into a new direction to solidify the new look for Superman in Superman & Lois.

Laura Jean Shannon

I’m utterly in the dark about what will be happening in the new Superman & Lois series. It looks like Clark/Superman is taking a step back from holding the world on his shoulder to focus on his marriage and kids! Let me get my popcorn ready cause I LOVE drama especially when they have powers. I guess you can take the boy out of Smallville, KS but it will always pull him back! I can’t wait to meet the Kent family!

What do you think of the new Superman series exploring his relationship with Lois and their kids? Leave a comment below about what you think and hope to see!

I live in Los Angeles and am a professional in the new media communication and marketing field with experience in non-profit, education, healthcare, political campaign and volunteer management. I’m a trustworthy honest creative professional that is able to offer strategic counseling on marketing & communications using social media. In my spare time I enjoy cultural events, going to the movies, being a foodie, getting in shape and dating.

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