Test Drive of the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

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I’ve never driven a Jeep before but they were offering test drives to attendees at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.  I’ve never considered myself a Jeep person since I’m not a sporty sort of woman (no hiking, skiing, surfing) or extreme outdoor sports for me!  I’m all about a nice stroll in Santa Monica and just enjoying the sun so it never crossed my mind to look at these Man SUVs.

I really liked the Sahara Wrangler and was surprised at the sporty fun drive and that I really thought it was a great looking car.  I especially loved that it’s a convertible so lots of sun but that it’s a hardtop so will stay toasty warm in the winter.  It was easy to jump into the SUV with the step that’s on the drivers side,  it had tons of leg room so I could stretch out and put the seat back to my hearts content.  Now it has a rough and tumble tough look that appeals to my muscle car love but still looks great just parked.  Nice selection of colors (I choose Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl) and interiors.  Like most mid range vehicles it has power everything (windows, power steering, etc) and I must admit most of it I wouldn’t use but I do love to have my toys!

I recommend you check out Jeep Wranglers they are really attractive, good on gas and have great options for a good price.

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