Yare: One More Dance will be at LA Art Show 2018

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Very interested in the 2018 LA Art Show with the announcement of the Yare: One More Dance

I’ve been invited to see a special performance this evening and am fascinated by Cristobal Valecillos creative career! The artist is weaving tech, environment and history using the masks, Los Angeles Landmarks and invoking the Los Diabolos de Yare Festival with contemporary settings. I look forward to this first viewing and the LA Art Show for the exhilarating project.


is proud to announce



“YARE; ONE MORE DANCE” BY Cristobal Valecillos

Venezuelan-American multimedia artist Cristobal Valecillos: “Los Diablos de Yare”

This UNESCO Cultural Heritage Festival is rooted in an 18th Century celebration of life, renewal, triumph and good over evil. Valecillos has recreated the traditional masks into a contemporary dialogue, set against Los Angeles landmarks, incorporating challenges of today: Religion, Politics, Consumerism, Violence, Consumption, Environment, Technology, Addiction.

For this exhibition, the artist invokes the annual Los Diablos de Yare festival by creating a collection of eight hand-crafted masks. Each unique mask was sculpted using repurposed materials while remaining faithful to the festival’s tradition.

The artist has also created a series of stunning photographs set against a backdrop of iconic Los Angeles landmarks. These provocative and compelling images incorporate the joys and challenges of the contemporary human spirit.

Cristobal Valecillos’ distinguished career includes art direction, music videos, consumer products, commercials, and photography.

These photographs are available in Limited Edition through
Timothy Yarger Fine Art.

Let me know what you think!

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