2012 SDCC New Zealand and the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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I’m very excited that the newest LOTR movie is coming out this fall and that I’ll have the opportunity to visit the WETA booth to learn about the real Middle Earth.  In case you didn’t know it’s New Zealand is Middle Earth and they are having a contest at SDCC to give one lucky fanboy or fangirl to win 2 tickets to the World Premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Wellington, New Zealand for November 28, 2012 at the WETA Booth.

I’m pretty excited at the opportunity to experience the beauty of New Zealand and more importantly getting to enjoy Middle Earth for real.  It’s super cool that you can visit the set and pretend to be a hobbit.  You can learn more about Hobbiton Movie set tours and schedule. It’s pretty cool that it’s a private farm that was used for the set.  It looks like what I imagine it looked like when I read the books as a child and saw the films.

Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, NZ

You could spend WEEKS in New Zealand at a variety of LOTR tours across the country.  If you are a ‘The Lord of The Rings’ enthusiast here is a list of other ‘The Lord of The Rings’ related operators (Listed North to South).

New Zealand seems like a picture perfect country out of my fantasy novels that I grew up reading and would love to run around exploring.  I wonder how JRR Tolkein came to imagine Middle Earth and if he pictured New Zealand in his mind for the magical world.    It’s so green and clean so unlike anywhere I’ve ever been.  I am sure that Sir Peter Jackson must have imagined the green grass and rolling homes of his beloved country when he first read LOTR.

Of course New Zealand is more than Middle Earth it’s a vibrant country with all the modern pleasure we look for when going on vacation (spas, shopping, great restaurants, ect.,) but also offers the opportunity to get back to nature!   Swimming in beautiful clean water as well as seeing native animals!  If you want to learn about Queensland New Zealand resorts, camping and seasonal offerings make sure to click the link!

In case your curious abut Weta Workshop houses a range of disciplines under one roof – including conceptual designweaponsarmour & chainmaillespecialist propsvehiclesspecialty costumesmodels and miniaturesspecial makeup & prosthetics and public art & displays.  Of course they have been integral to LOTR working with Sir Peter Jackson to bring the books to life!

Make sure you get to the WETA booth at SDCC to enter this contest I know I WILL be!


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