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Mutt as well save a dog! Hallmark Channel is giving me doggie love with not only Holiday movies that hit my sweet spot but their commitment to highlighting available dogs for adoption.


<Squeee> Hallmark had me at dog! I can’t believe that this is the second year of the Hallmark American Rescue Dog Show and that I missed last year’s show with Lisa Vanderpump, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell!

My grinch heart is beating and getting bigger at the thought of all this dog love over the two-day televised event. It’s all part of Hallmark Channel’s ‘Adoption Ever After’ initiative where they highlight dogs looking for a forever home. Check out their youtube channel for videos of dogs available to come home with YOU!

As part of Hallmark Channel’s ‘Adoption Ever After initiative’, the program strives to educate people about the benefits of rescuing their next pet with the goal of clearing the shelters once and for all. 

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