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Let’s talk X-Men

It’s always a great time to watch and talk about X-Men the Animated Series that’s been relaunched on Disney+! When you think of Rogue from the classic animated series you hear Lenore Zann who joined the X-Reads Podcast to chat X-Men the Animated Series.

Lenore joined co-hosts Chandler Poling and Chris Riley on Wednesday, November 6th for a recap of Uncanny X-Men #173, It’s the episode where Rogue and Wolverine tore through Japan in hopes of saving the X-Men and Mariko.  It was X-Reads Podcast ninth episode and Zann brought super X-power.  The Uncanny X-Men #173 was the debut of Storm’s mohawk look and it ends with Wolverine’s wedding.  It’s been one of my X-Men fangirl favorites!

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ABOUT X-READS PODCAST: Chandler Poling & Chris Riley have been friends for well over a decade and share a fondness for the X-Men, but also have things to say about the early years. Together they read through old issues of Uncanny X-Men recapping the storyline so listeners can follow along while interjecting comments and opinions on the outfits, the questionable dialog, the often odd advertising moments and living for the X-Mail fan letters in the back of the issue. That is what X-Reads is all about. A strong read.

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