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Let’s talk X-Men

It’s always a great time to watch and talk about X-Men the Animated Series that’s been relaunched on Disney+! When you think of Rogue from the classic animated series you hear Lenore Zann who joined the X-Reads Podcast to chat X-Men the Animated Series.

Lenore joined co-hosts Chandler Poling and Chris Riley on Wednesday, November 6th for a recap of Uncanny X-Men #173, It’s the episode where Rogue and Wolverine tore through Japan in hopes of saving the X-Men and Mariko.  It was X-Reads Podcast ninth episode and Zann brought super X-power.  The Uncanny X-Men #173 was the debut of Storm’s mohawk look and it ends with Wolverine’s wedding.  It’s been one of my X-Men fangirl favorites!

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ABOUT X-READS PODCAST: Chandler Poling & Chris Riley have been friends for well over a decade and share a fondness for the X-Men, but also have things to say about the early years. Together they read through old issues of Uncanny X-Men recapping the storyline so listeners can follow along while interjecting comments and opinions on the outfits, the questionable dialog, the often odd advertising moments and living for the X-Mail fan letters in the back of the issue. That is what X-Reads is all about. A strong read.


Stars Cliff “Method Man” Smith, AnnaSophia Robb, Ethan Peck & Seth Barrish only on Stitcher Premium

The podcast series celebrates the 25th anniversary of Kurt Busiek’s and Alex Ross’ award-winning four-part comic book “Marvels,” which was released to critical acclaim in 1994. The podcast series sees the world from behind the lens of photojournalist Phil Sheldon as he navigates NYC after the invasion by Galactus, a world with superheroes, and humans.

Phil with the help of a college student and journalist trying to find the truth after the Fantastic Four’s battle with Galactus in NYC for dominion of the earth. Conspiracy, fake news, and terror as people try to understand what’s going on in the aftermath.

MARVELS” a new Marvel fictional 10 episode podcast series exclusively on Stitcher Premium. It will see a wide release across all podcast platforms TBD in 2020. The show’s cast includes Cliff “Method Man” Smith (Wu-Tang Clan, HBO’s “The Deuce”) as Ben Urich, AnnaSophia Robb (Hulu’s “The Act”) as Marcia Hardesty, Ethan Peck (“In Time,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”) as Mr. Fantastic, and Seth Barrish (Showtime’s “Billions”) as Phil Sheldon, Louisa Krause as Sue Storm, Jake Hart as Ben Grimm, Ehad Berisha as Johnny Storm, Teo Rapp-Olsson as Peter Parker, and Gabriela Ortega as Charlie Martinez.

Stitcher and Marvel have assembled a writing and production team of some of the biggest names in the podcasting industry. ‘MARVELS’ is written by Lauren Shippen (“The Bright Sessions,” “The AM Archives”) and directed by Paul Bae (“The Black Tapes,” “The Big Loop”). Mischa Stanton(“The Bright Sessions,” “LeVar Burton Reads,” “The AM Archives”) will oversee sound design. The series is produced by Harry Go and Jennifer Manel of Marvel and T. Square of Stitcher.

About Marvel

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing, publishing, games, and digital media. For more information, visit marvel.com.  ©2019 MARVEL

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Stitcher is the best place to listen to, produce and monetize podcasts. The Stitcher app, available for iOS and Android devices, is one of the world’s most popular podcast listening platforms, with a growing network of original content and a premium subscription service. Stitcher is the parent company of Midroll Media, the leading podcast advertising network representing over 200 of the world’s largest podcasts, and top-ranked comedy podcast network Earwolf. With offices in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, Stitcher was founded in 2007 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The E.W. Scripps Company (NASDAQ: SSP).

Subaru Pet Adoption x 2019 LA Auto Show

You have to swing by Subaru exhibit for some pet love!

Subaru of America wants you to bring home love this year at the auto show! Your Grinch heart is going to swell 10X every day with Subaru Loves Pets Initiative Partners: Our Family Paws RescueGerman Shepherd Rescue Orange CountyLos Angeles Animal ServicesWestside German Shepherd Rescue and Fur Baby Rescue for ten days.

“At Subaru, we look forward to opportunities that help our furry friends in need, and we want to return the unconditional love they show us each day. We saw great success with our pet adoption events last year, so we wanted to not only sustain, but build upon, that momentum to help even more pets unite with a loving lifetime companion.”

Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Subaru of America, Inc.
Schedule for the five partnering shelters with select times and dates
  • Friday, November 22, 11am to 4pm – Our Family Paws Rescue 
  • Saturday, November 23, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County 
  • Sunday, November 24, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County 
  • Monday, November 25, 11am to 4pm – Our Family Paws Rescue 
  • Tuesday, November 26, 11am to 4pm – Our Family Paws Rescue 
  • Wednesday, November 27, 11am to 4pm – Los Angeles Animal Services 
  • Thursday, November 28, 8am to 4pm – Westside German Shepherd Rescue 
  • Friday, November 29, 11am to 4pm – Fur Baby Rescue 
  • Saturday, November 30, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County 
  • Sunday, December 1, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County

All adopters are subject to standard guidelines and procedures. Prospective adopters should bring with them a photo ID. This Los Angeles Auto Show adoption event is a part of the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, which is dedicated to helping improve the safety and well-being of animals in communities nationwide. The automaker’s commitment to pets is one part of its Love Promise company vision. For more information about Subaru Loves Pets, please visit www.subaru.com/pets.

About Subaru Love Promise
The Subaru Love Promise is our vision to show love and respect to all people at every interaction with Subaru. Together with our retailers, we are dedicated to making the world a better place.


The 2019 LA Auto Show returns November 22 – December 1, 2019 at the LA Convention Center! Whether it’s new vehicle shopping, free test drives, experiencing the latest tech or exploring an assortment of customized rides and supercars, there is something for everyone at the show.

About Subaru of America, Inc. 
Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Subaru Corporation of Japan. Headquartered at a zero-landfill office in Camden, N.J., the company markets and distributes Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories through a network of more than 630 retailers across the United States. All Subaru products are manufactured in zero-landfill production plants and Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. is the only U.S. automobile production plant to be designated a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. SOA is guided by the Subaru Love Promise, which is the company’s vision to show love and respect to everyone, and to support its communities and customers nationwide. Over the past 20 years, SOA has donated more than $165 million to causes the Subaru family cares about, and its employees have logged more than 40,000 volunteer hours. As a company, Subaru believes it is important to do its part in making a positive impact in the world because it is the right thing to do.

Street Food Cinema Offers Free Admission For First Responders to Cinema Phantasmagoria on Saturday, November 2nd at Million Dollar Theatre

Street Food Cinema is kicking off the holiday season with the Halloween/Christmas classic ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ AND free admission for SoCal First Responders

First Responders do so much and Street Food Cinema is giving back to them and their families with free admission to First Responders and their families this Saturday, November 2nd to the Cinema Phantasmagoria finale event featuring the Tim Burton classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” at the Million Dollar Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. The First Responder or family member need only provide their ID for entrance. It will be a night of spooky fun with showings at 6PM & 8PM. Doors open at 5pm and the Backstage Ghost Tour’s takes place every 15 minutes throughout the night.

What a fun night for any fan of Halloween and Christmas with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas! It’s the last gasp for fans who want to enjoy with family and friends in COSTUME! All are welcomed and if you aren’t a First Responder Buy Tickets at STFoodCinema before it sells out! I hope to see you and of course get a few photos of Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, Sally and Zero (I do love DOGS!).

Street Food Cinema’s newest specialty event series — Cinema Phantasmagoria ran throughout the  month of October through Halloween at the Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Attendees can bring their food from the Grand Central Market right next door back in with them to enjoy during their movie. And, if you dare, take the historic VIP Backstage Ghost Tour (this hair raising fifteen minute tour will be running throughout the night for guests of all ages) and step into the depths of the gothic Million Dollar Theatre. The Million Dollar Theater is more than a 100 years old and was opened by Sid Grauman as in Grauman’s Theatre (his first in Los Angeles). A spooky tour of this classic landmark is a must-see for Hollywood history aficionados!

Wonder Woman takes on Silver Swan in the newest DCU Movie

“Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” takes on Silver Swan (Marie Avgeropoulos)

“Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” is the newest film in the popular series of DC Universe Movies produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC. The film has the added bonus of the DC Showcase animated short Death, inspired by Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”

NYCC had the world premier of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines with Rosario Dawson (Wonder Woman), Marie Avgeropoulos (Silver Swan), Adrienne C. Moore (Etta Candy), Mozhan Marno (Dr. Cyber) and Courtenay Taylor (Dr. Poison) at the World Premiere of “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” on Friday, October 4 at New York Comic Con. Attendees were able to attend a panel discussion with cast and filmmakers James Tucker (executive producer), Sam Liu (producer/co-director), Justin Copeland (co-director) and Mairghread Scott (screenwriter).

Fans can stream “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” starting Saturday, October 5 and on 4k, Blu-ray and DVD starting October 22.

I’m a huge fan of Marie Avgeropoulos who plays Octavia Blake in The CW’s “The 100” and brings a richness to the dark character enriching the pain, choices and trying to survive. I’m very excited to see her in new roles as a VO actor, action, drama and (hopefully) comedy! She’s filming the final season of the 100 and juggling a couple of additional projects. She will co-star with Nicholas Cage in the upcoming “Jiu Jitsu” and Cary Elwes, Susan Sarandon, Diane Kruger, Brad Dourif & Nick Offerman in “Butterfly in the Typewriter.”