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Don’t forget to catch my video reaction to the episode on my Twitter @SkylahAnari, let’s get started. There are remixes to possession?! Thanks for that creepy thought. 6 versions of it is like there are 6 versions of your ex out there. Do your best to get away from that. Back to Evil. Tackling insanity vs demonic possession goes wireless this episode and frankly, that is disturbing. Side note: Thank the heavens George was not there to torment me today! Moving on:

What is an intriguing aspect of this show is how facing these pieces of “evil” changes and molds each person who comes in contact with it. Kristen’s evolution is based in her good heart, her desire to do good. Watching where she redraws the lines as to bending the law to prevent someone from breaking it, or breaking others in the process, is rather fascinating to watch.

David though is confusing me. I’m trying to figure out if he sees visions or has he just been doping himself and having some tripped out hallucinations that are based in his faith. And a little shroom. I’m hoping that gets answered by time the series ends in 5 years lol. (Yes, I’m putting it out there)

Also, we got a little nugget about Ben’s sister, Karima, involving a secret baby. Can’t wait to see how this one develops. Good luck sis.

After the mystery was ‘solved,’ another developed. As another body hit the ground (pun intended), all I could think was: “Hell is only half full”

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