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A Deadly Legend Movie Review

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A Deadly Legend is one of this years best horror/camp movies that I’ve seen so far.

A real estate developer buys an old summer camp to build new homes. However, the property has a dark history that ties to a legend of supernatural worship and human sacrifice. A celebration weekend turns deadly when construction disturbs forbidden ground. Unable to escape, they must fight for survival and destroy the ancient megalith, forever closing the gateway to the Dark Dimension and the spirits from beyond.

Kristen Anne Ferraro stars as Joan Huntar, a real estate developer who is still in mourning over the tragic lost of a loved one. Throwing herself into her work, she and her company buy a piece of land that should never have been tampered with. This film brought out great supernatural elements such as Druids, witches, crystals and much more. The mysticism is what really drew me in and I look forward to a sequel delving deeper into the magical rules and how it has changed the characters lives.

This film stars Corbin Bernsen, Judd Hirsch, Lori Petty, Kristen Anne Ferraro, Dwayne Thomas, Summer Crockett Moore, Tatiana Spzur and Eric Wolf. Lori Petty is an absolute delight and it was great to see her on screen again. Her character definitely adds the camp and humor to the film. While the supernatural elements add in the horror and mystery.

Kristen Anne Ferraro and Eric Wolf were both producers on the film and Wolf also wrote it. They’re characters Joan Huntar and Mike Renfield brought out the heart and scary reality of what happens when you make a deal with the dark side.

A Deadly Legend is now available on Amazon Prime Video for rent or buy.

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