Wonder Woman 1984 review – Cherry at the Movies

We need a hero with an invisible jet, lasso and cute boots this year! Wonder Woman 1984 is good rah-rah FUN that harkens back to the goofy superhero movies of yesteryear!!! Gal Gadot is filling the boots saving the world in Patty Jenkin’s sequel that is the right mix of action, girl power and making the choice to do the right thing […]

The Christmas Chronicles 2 – Cherry at the Movies Review

Teen elf rebellion takes a dark turn but will the Claus’ save the day with a little help from friends? It’s been two years and the Claus’s have been busy with the elves making sure Christmas is magical every year! But like many sometimes they feel a little twinge about what might have been. Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter) […]

‘Jingle Jangle’ Review: Toys are dancing through my head

It’s the Netflix holiday movie with a lot of soul, lovely songs, and a cast that so many can see themselves.  ‘Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’ is a delightful addition to the Netflix holiday offering that will be a classic for many a household. It’s a family-friendly film that will engage young, old, and kids at hearts with a cast that […]

Operation Christmas Drop – Cherry at the Movies Review

Netflix is kicking off Pumpkin Spice season with a sweet movie that will make a grinch heart grow 5X bigger Operation: Christmas Drop stars Kat Graham, Alexander Lundwig, and Guam that have now been added to my bucket trip list (gorgeous island). It’s a delightful pumpkin latte with whipped topping while snuggling in a cozy sweater type of holiday movie! Erica […]

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – Cherry at the Movies Review

Don’t we all need a hero??? Class 1-A takes on their biggest villains yet! My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is the second feature-length film from the Shonen Jump anime from Tokyo’s Bones studio. Available now on Blu-ray/DVD/Streaming/VOD. It’s a continuation of the universe that started manga and jumped to an anime series, video games, spinoffs, and feature films that have […]

THE FORTY-YEAR-OLD VERSION Cherry at the movies Review

Is a breath of fresh air about a 40 year old Black woman coming of age movie and I love IT!!! In the new Netflix film, The Forty-Year-Old Version opens with Radha (Radha Blank) is teaching high school students who don’t want to be their anymore than she does as she looks down the road and sees a life she […]

‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ – Cherry at the movies Review

Looking for the big bad wolf Writer-director Jim Cummings new film holds a mirror to toxic-masculinity  The Wolf of Snow Hollow isn’t the horror monster movie I expected instead it’s a suspense film that has sparks of humor but that at its core is about emotional maturity, toxic-masculinity, and daddy issues. The film opens at a AA meeting with a man […]

Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! had me at dog!

You can’t keep a good dog down especially when they work together with <frenemy> cats! Pet lovers can agree that Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! is the perfect pet that you don’t have to walk or clean out the litter box! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has pets available for adoption <guffaw> well to stream with the all-new Cats & […]

Vampires vs the Bronx: Cherry At the Movies Review

Vampires vs. the Bronx is out today to get us in the spooky Halloween season mood. The new horror-comedy Vampires vs. the Bronx directed by Oz Rodriguez and co-written with Blaise Hemingway has reimagined the horror genre with social commentary and inclusion of what it looks like when change comes to a tightknit neighborhood in NYC.  It’s the power of three as Miguel Martinez […]

The Warrior Queen of Jhansi – Cherry at the Movies Review at TIFF

I do love a badass bitch but I needed more Queen and less men The Warrior Queen of Jhansi is a film that I heard about last fall and had hoped to see the film. Thanks to the Toronto International Film Festival I was able to see a screener of the Indian film about Rani (aka Queen) of Jhansi a woman […]


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