Zumper is my new go to apt search site!

Should I stay or should I go??? Apt searching should be easier! Rent is too damn high in this pandemic economy so like a lot of people am considering moving back home or somewhere less expensive cost of living or at the minimum a new apartment! The Coronavirus has affected our housing in so many ways.From job loss, cut hours, […]

Home searching during Covid-19

May as well dream of moving out of my apt! I’ve been in SoCal for while and like many love to tour open houses, haunt redfin, and dream of what I would buy. If you think it’s time to to make your House Hunter dreams a reality I have a few thoughts! I’m so looking forward to 2021 and hope […]

Budgeting in Covid19 New Normal

Steps to tread water and maintain budget sanity The world isn’t ending but right now many people across the world are feeling the stress of this pandemic. People are grappling with how to pay bills, the start of the school year, and figuring out a budget with little to no money coming in. It’s beyond stressful and for people of […]

Her Universe Fashion Show is BACK SDCC 2019

Get ready for the Cat <cough> GEEK Walk! DreamWorks Animation’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power takes center stage, Junior Designersshine with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. It’s the 6th Annual Her Universe Fashion Show presented by Hot Topic and DreamWorks Animation‘s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power at San Diego Comic Con! 24 Designers will go head to head with original geek stylish designs to compete […]

Five apps to stay connected

For personal or professional these five apps are the must haves for your cell phone! It can be difficult to stay connected with friends and family even if you’re in the same city. We are all busy with our lives, rushing to work, looking for a job, trying to date and just keep our heads above water. But you don’t […]

Looking for a new Web Hosting Platform?

What to look for when looking for a web hosting platform If you’re a small business you can’t ignore ‘tech’ aka a solid website. You need to be familiar with SEO services, keywords, and web hosting. If you are still trying to figure it out that here’s a quick informational blog to get you on the right path.  If you want […]

SEO to small business a quick guide

I’m passionate about SEO and love to share my own experience How can a small business use social media to market them selves? I find they often have little idea of how, what or even realistic expectations. Instead it’s the dream of going ‘viral’ as if that brings feet in the door and bottoms on seats. If they decide to […]

Digital Entertainment World Conference for creators

If your in the tech, startup, entertainment, music, and creator/influencers field the upcoming 2019 Digital Entertainment World (DEW) is the place to be if you are creating or monetizing digital entertainment content. This year DEW is focusing on ‘The Power of Creativity and Influence’ with a list of speakers, breakout sessions and opportunity to network with the movers and shakers […]

FutureTechLive is putting the Tech in SDCC

I’m beyond excited that the geek fun is coming with VR, Games, Tech, Panels, Swag and more for San Diego Comic Con! As technology changes how we ‘play’ it is logical for the expansion from past years! I always try to check out the VR/Gaming at SDCC since it’s always cutting edge ‘next big thing’ for consumers and I know I won’t be disappointed!  […]

AMEC Law & Justice Film Series

Arnold Peter, Founder and President of the Associate of Media & Entertainment Counsel (AMEC) announced the first annual Law & Justice film series with the final event Counsel of the Year. The two-day celebration honors the role of attorneys in the judicial process, popular culture and entertainment industries. AMEC expects 300 attendees that work as in-house counsels and business affairs attorneys […]


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