Five apps to stay connected

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For personal or professional these five apps are the must haves for your cell phone!

It can be difficult to stay connected with friends and family even if you’re in the same city. We are all busy with our lives, rushing to work, looking for a job, trying to date and just keep our heads above water. But you don’t want to lose touch with people we care for. You have to nurture friendships and thanks to my five favorite apps you can do it at the tip of your fingers! 

I love to stay connected with my tech peeps with Discord it’s the one I started using when I dipped my toes back into gaming. I can chat with my online friends using voice or text and I’ve found it’s simpler to use than platform chat feature (less distracting for me). I plan to use it more when I start my twitch channel for my fans and digital hangout to create a community or to figure out the bestprank appsince I plan to incorporate comedy video on my channel. 

Everyone I know is on Facebook! Billions of people can’t be wrong and Facebook Messenger app is one of the most widely used chat platforms in the US.  A lot of people are concerned about security or privacy but my mom told me it’s not a secret when you tell someone else so I don’t post anything online I care about anyone knowing. So it’s the perfect way to stay in contact with my parents and older relatives! It’s been heaven sent after slowly getting them to stop calling me at all hours of the night (my time) since I’m in California and their in the Midwest. Instead keeping up on messenger means we can take advantage of it being user friendly to exchange photos, family news, plan out trips, and talk 2020 politics. It avoids awkward silence when asked pointed questions ‘when are you getting married’ <sigh> or my nephews crazy conspiracy theories!

Now communicating isn’t always fun and games! I have a side hustle managing social media accounts and event management. So have used Slackwhen managing my projects. It is cloud-based tools makes it great to pick and choose what I need. I can archive chats and search them pretty simply. One of my favorite things about Slack is that if I want to reach out to an individual from a group project I can take it ‘side line’ by chatting or sending a direct message. It’s simple and surprisingly user friendly.

I have a few clients who are very concerned about security so I sue Signal for them. The app has the ability for chat functions, sharing files and hyperlinks, voice notes and works like regular texting. 

If you really like how FB Messenger works but want something more secure I find MeWe is the perfect alternative. It’s privacy by design philosophy means that it you can use to be social with friends, join groups, chat, make GIFs, make calls using the app, shoot video, and offers 8GB of free storage for content. It also allows you to customize and you can set it up to decide who gets to see what you share. If you want to have even more privacy they have secret chats for $4.99 a month with 50GB. It also offers the MeWe Pro for businesses that I find is very similar to Slack.

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