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What to look for when looking for a web hosting platform

If you’re a small business you can’t ignore ‘tech’ aka a solid website. You need to be familiar with SEO services, keywords, and web hosting. If you are still trying to figure it out that here’s a quick informational blog to get you on the right path. 

If you want to be able to post a website on the internet this is the service aka bridge from your computer to the world. A webhosting company provides tech and assistance for your site to be seen by customers. A company should provide 24/7 customer support and before signing a contract make sure they offer as much or as little as needed. If you don’t own a site they can also assist with a domain name and make sure you own the rights to the domain name so that you don’t have to pay additional fees. 

The cost varies because it depends on how much storage and bandwidth you use. A simple way to understand is if you have lots of photos or videos you’ll use more than a site that just has text. Read the fine print with companies that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth since when you hit your limit performance might slow down or shut down. A great way to figure out if the web hosting company is reliable or offers the service you need is check out statistics and reviews from current and past customers. Also confirm that your website is up and running every hour of the day. 

Look to see if they have 99.5% or better uptimes since if they have less than that it will affect your reaching customers. I recommend you ask the web hosting company if they have site backups to make sure of computer crash or equipment failure it won’t affect your website.

Security is a top priority! Make sure they have high-security standards that you and your clients can trust. If your looking for a new web hosting platform in 2019 you can check out the following:

Top Web Hosting Platforms

InMotionWeb Hosting offers WordPress hosting, web design services, and 24 hours a day U.S.-based support. The service comes with a 90-day guarantee period. 

HostGatoroffers an unmetered bandwidth and unmetered disk space. If you are uncertain what this means for the service, HostGator will allow you to try them out for 45 days with a money-back guarantee.

GoDaddy offers SEO services, a free domain, and a database backup and restore. They offer packages with unmetered bandwidth as well. GoDaddy is fast and user-friendly. 

Bluehost also offers a free domain and 24 hour-U.S.-based support. They offer packages with unmetered bandwidth. 


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