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Last night kicked off the 15th annual Cinema Phantasmagoria at the Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The first screening was Jamie Lee Curtis’ “Halloween” and as great as that is on it’s own, the fun started well before that.

The event began before you even entered the historical theater. Outside a ghost plays a song for those in line and passerby alike. Max Denton, our fiendish devil greets you at the door. He was my favorite interaction of the cast that night. And if you are into a little humorous word sparring with the devil, he is more than happy to accommodate.

Me and the Devil. Now I have one on both shoulders.
Even the Devil is not safe on these grounds

If you are smart, you will take the VIP tour of the underground areas of the theater, that is said to be haunted by the lovely Lily Lavender. Your tour guide tells you the love story of Lily and Archie, that ends in tragedy, as most loves do. If you don’t mind a hand coming out of the dark, a sad laugh echoing the halls or the voice of a lonely Archie then join the tour and learn about the tale that haunts the old walls of Million Dollar Theater.

The tragic disappearance of Lily Lavender still haunts the theater

Every weekend until Oct 31, 2019 a variety of our favorite Halloween movies will be featured, from tonight’s “Halloween” to “IT” on the last day, plenty of our beloved scares, thrills and laughs will be playing including, “Hocus Pocus” on October 12, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” October 13 and the 20th Anniversary showing of “Sleepy Hollow” on October 30 and plenty more in between. Join the fun at Million Dollar Theater.

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Skylah Anari

I am a little weird and I love that. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and after 7 years in the military, I moved to LA to become a part of this crazy entertainment world. Having the chance to put my thoughts out on this slice of life is an awesome experience. So, join me on my journey through all this, grab a slice of my weirdness and enjoy the insanity.