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I’ve said it before and am saying it again DC Comics makes good TV! With the premier episode of the hotly anticipated new series on the #CW it was worth every moment. They had the perfect amount of backstory (his power, family, motivation) for those new to the speedy world without boring us comic book people. The pace is good and it makes sense. I wish that some other series would take notes ABC Shield (2nd season and back to their old trick of uneven pacing .. urgh).

I’m especially impressed with the casual diverse casting that reflects the society I live and work in that pays homage to the comic but doesn’t allow it to define the characters 100% ABC (TALKING TO YOU AGAIN) about Once Upon a Time that feels like Snow White is more than a character name! Dammit I’m one (of many) Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and Beige that love fairy tales and want to see us in more than a supporting role. (stepping off soapbox) back to my new favorite show Flash. One of storylines am looking to explore is the Dad-Triangle where I’m sure his loyalties will be tested as time goes on (it’s been a while since I read the comics so am excited to see what directions the plot will take).

I have to say that it makes sense to combine Tuesday night CW with the creaking horse of Supernatural (urghh so lacking in diversity .. really angels can’t be diverse either???) with a show that has fanboys and fangirls excited enough to stay around. I suppose it’s a good match (they are both fantasy) but the tone it looks like this season for SN is a little too dark for Flash fans. I’ll wait for the numbers.

Check out my YouTube interview with creative team and cast at the 2014 Paleyfest.

What did you think of the premier episode? Who are you geek crushing on? Leave a comment below ….


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