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I’m not sure if I had a bitch moment but I just need to vent. Walking out my door to fill up the tank for work since I wanted to wait for it to cool down (it was freaking hot in LA today). As I’m heading to my car a woman gets out of a car that is parked on the SIDEWALK blocking my car. I said (very politely) ‘is that you car? I’m leaving’ … I think that’s normal and the polite response is ‘yes I will move it’ <done> Her reply ‘I’m heading upstairs and will be right back’ WHAT THE HECK (in my mind HELL NO BEOTCH are you freaking crazy). The words out of my mouth were ‘I need you to move your car please’ again she says some stupid rude crap ‘I’ll only be upstairs for a minute. Are you REALLY leaving right now’. Shockingly I did not go Deacon 4 but said ‘you need to move your car’. Now I didn’t even realize someone was in the car and all of this annoyance could have been avoided by him MOVING THE DAMN CAR. Nope instead they both looked at me like I’M the bitch, rolled their eyes and than begrudgingly moved their car off the sidewalk.

Now I’m not sure was I being a bitch or were they being bitches?? It was so surreal in it’s entitled doucheness that maybe I’m in the wrong?

I just don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s OK to block another person’s car when they are leaving??? My neighbors (who don’t have parking spaces) do this all the time and than they get mad when they are asked to move.

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