Cain Lost in the Labyrinth, Victor Davis Hanson (National Review Online)

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Cain Lost in the Labyrinth – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online.

I just read this article online at the National Review and am SHOCKED (not really) on this jerk’s need to decide rather President Obama is an ‘authentic black‘.  I’m sure he can count on a closed fist how many ‘blacks’ he knows!  I am so frustrated with this constant tearing down of the President.  He’s ‘too black‘ or ‘not black enough’ and it’s always from people who have (in my opionion) a fairly racist criteria of what black men/women are.  I can’t help but wonder if his mind always thinks any black man he sees is a gang banger, that black women are crack whores leeching off the state and that a ‘true black’ man is a mandingo (super annualized  now educated, prone to working with his hands, should be subservient to whites and working as a servant).  Does he yearn for the past where a POC is seen not heard?  That you can call a black man ‘boy’ and treat black women as objects.  He tries to justify his obvious disrespect for the President and black men in general by giving praise to the GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain but if you read between the lines he doesn’t have much respect for him either.

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