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Can MLK Day be used to sell oil changes???

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I always believe tying your marketing into holidays and current events but somethings just don’t make any sense.  Using MLK Day for your advertising is pretty common but using the iconic speech ‘I have a Dream’ to sell bundled discount oil changes isn’t a logical step. I would instead have recommended using ‘We celebrate Martin Luther King and all he stood for on Monday, January 20, 2014.  We want to honor Martin Luther King with a special donation for every bundle purchased on MLK Day.  The car maintenance bundle is $29 for 3 Oil Changes and 2 Tire Rotations at select facilities.’  It would be a great way to generate goodwill and increase sales as opposed to their current email blast (see below) that co opts MLK for their business gain.


29 3 Oil Changes and 2 Tire Rotations


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