Cancer horoscope October 20 2014

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It’s another week and am happy the weekend was over. Went to the 2014 LA Fashion Show where in general being around tall skinny models makes me feel like a lump or sasquatch or an old hag so decided I’m going to try on a new ‘me’. So I colored my hair Auburn .. yes I went RED dammit. I’m going to stand out in a crowd for once! I thought well in for a penny in for a pound so I thought I’d try a new style .. well an old style. I used one of the products from the 2014 Fall Allure Beauty Box I got this year and straighten my hair. It turned out really good. I have to say if I use the box again I’ll use it just to relax my curls since they looked lovely with long tendrils! (I’ll post photos later).

Of course I have my mind on a new job/more money since I need to pay some bills, get a new car (well new to me) and take a much needed vacation. I’m looking now for something in December once my project with USC is done .. unless I get a FT job offer (fingers crossed) with the University!



CancerYour Friskyscopes For The Week Of August 25-31, 2014 (June 21-July 22): Praising your lucky stars and feeling gloriously beautiful will be your vibe this week. Then, soon, you’ll be back to starring in your own life, with a storyline that could make it on Broadway. Trust in your confidence, because all you need is a big roar, as the lovers around you will easily dance if you want them to.

Best Lay Day: Thursday, October 23

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