Cancer Musing for January 5

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It’s the first true week for January 5th and I’m ready for what like is bringing to me. Well life brought to me a ‘fix it’ ticket since my lightbulb is out on my headlight (phooey) but I really can’t complain since the officer didn’t give me a ticket for not being able to find my insurance info in my car! I now know what I’m doing this weekend! Organizing my dang car since I can’t find anything it’s a big huge mess! Both officers were cordial to me as I was to him so no issue so my life is stumbling along as I try to figure out my next life steps. I spent the weekend cleaning and job searching. So hopefully I’ll get some interviews.

Oh forgot to read this one. Well this is a bust for me since I’m not in a relationship! Well a dating relationship. I have friends and family but they don’t count <guffaw> Hopefully I’ll meet someone in time for Valentine Day smooch!

Friskyscopes: What's Ahead For Your Sign In 2015!

Cancer (June 21-July 22): You’ll have to play more of a disciplinarian role in your relationship now, which could be a nice rush of power that sends shivers down your honey’s back. The fact is you might be able to be nurturing, but that’s not a trick you pull out like a circus tiger. No, you need to feel your emotions for them to be genuine, which can be as frightening as it is powerful now.

Best Lay Day: Monday, January 5

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