Captain Marvel Movie Review – Woman POV

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Lacretia Lyon – Guest Blogger

Brie Larson is badass. That’s honestly all you need to know but since you are probably here fore more, here it goes…

Yes Brie Larson’s turn as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is badass but she’s also funny, sharp and sassy plus she did not need a man. Actually that’s one of the best parts of the movie: no love interest. It is a film about friendship and realizing your full potential and does not get bogged down in the often contrived romantic mess. Plus we have the same style of Nine Inch Nails t-shirts and flannel so I know Carol’s a girl I’d love to have a beer with too.

But Brie is part of a fantastic ensemble cast and Samuel L. Jackson shines as we finally get a real Nick Fury story. Fury and Goose might be my favorite on screen duo. Here’s hoping there’s a spin off. 

Annette Bening and Lashana Lynch work great as badass backup for Brie but it is actually  Ben Mendelsohn as Talos that is probably the biggest surprise. Heart, humor and handsome? Oh whoops it’s higher, further, faster.  

A lot of questions are finally answered but you will have to wait to see what all they reveal and be sure to wait until the final credits as there are two credit sequences. So don’t let the fanboys fool you, Marvel’s Captain and first female led superhero flick is two thumbs up from this girl. 

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