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Raymond J. Barry has had a long list of notable and memorable film and television performances over the years. His big break occurred in 1985 when he starred with Mickey Rourke in Michael Cimino’s gripping Year of the Dragon. He would then play Tom Cruise’s dad in Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July before moving on to noteworthy roles in Falling Down, Sudden Death, Dead Man Walking, Interview With the Assassin, and Walk Hard:The Dewey Cox Story. He has also appeared in dozens of popular and genre television shows, including roles on The X Files, Lost, The 100, Gotham, and 13 Reasons Why, but is most well known for his sinister role as Arlo Givens, Timothy Olyphant’s menacing father on FX’s Justified.

Barry takes a sweet and heartwarming turn in Tony Vidal’s new film Free Byrd, which will be available April 1st on Digital HD and VOD. In the film, Randy Nazarian plays Jay Butler, a lovable underachiever who works as a van driver at an assisted living community. Barry plays Harry Byrd, who is being kicked out of the community for general irascibility. Jay is assigned to drive Harry to a new home, but all is not smooth travels along the way. The duo endure a variety of misadventures, including being picked up by a troupe of burlesque dancers. It proves to be an entertaining and enlightening journey for both men who need some new perspective on life.

Barry sat down with Cherry the Geek TV to discuss the new film as well as his decades-long career in Hollywood. You can watch the interview at the link below.


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