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S5 My Hero Academia is here!

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I’ve been waiting for My Hero Academia to come back and am stoked that the S5 premier is on Funimation!

I watched ‘All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A’ Season 5 Episode 89 on Funimation It’s kicked off Season 5 with a major bang of fire! Endeavor is finally the Number One hero getting the respect he’s wanted for so long being in All for One’s shadow. We get see the villain back plotting destruction AND that they are still working together! AND a (I think) a double agent! <heck no>

In the finale of Season 4 Endeavor with Hawks was fighting the Nobu and having a heck of a hard time with it but still managed to squeak out a win with teamwork <yahoo>. Todoroki is building some sort of relationship with his father, reaching out to his mom and gaining a lot of emotional maturity (love his growth).

Now I don’t read the manga but something has been rubbed me the wrong way with Hawks especially after he stole the spotlight so am completely with Endeavor giving him th side eye. I thought for a brief moment maybe I was wrong but heck no don’t trust him an inch!

But they are still in school so this episode is still teaching them to be heroes and it really showed how much better they are getting using their powers to the best of their abilities as well as the importance of a good uniform with tech to integrate.

This episode is one of those ‘catch ups’ where they build on the story, give a bit of a refresher and get the pieces together for the season. It looks like they won’t have time to rest on laurels but will again be thrust into hero work as we learn more about the villains and the world still grapples with no more All for one. When Shota walked in and was surprised that the students were in their seats ready to learn well I knew they were even more focused after almost losing schoolmates, friends and meeting villains the same age as them.

I can’t wait to watch next Saturday and hope that my kids keep training to prepare for the fight of their lives.

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