Come walk with me on my journey to find Love and Success

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Well as some of you may not know I’m a plus sized black beauty living in the land of Barbie dolls.  That’s not going to stop me from creating my own path for love and success as you see in my video blog.

I’m currently working on using my dating services on myself to meet someone.  I will record videos of my putting my plan into action so that other people will gain the confidence to socialize and meet that special man/woman.

I’m very lucky to live in a large city that has a lot of activities that appeals to a wide swathe of the population.  This weekend in Los Angeles I found three events that will likely attract the type of man that I’m interesting dating.  They are the AFI Film Festival,  Comikazee and in Pasadena the DesignerCon 2011.  So I’m going to be running around like CRAZY hitting all three events.

Let me know what you think!

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