Cookin’ with Wolfgang Puck’s All Natural Beef Broth

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Ok I’m not really cooking with Chef Puck but am using his great beef broth to make my soup this week.  Brrrr it’s sooo chilly in LA (70 degrees … ha ha family in Iowa!)!

I decided on Sunday to go to Trader Joe’s and picked up beef sirloin tips, onions and salt.  Than hit Ralph’s for a selection of vegetables (carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, spinach), Ore Ida Sweet Potatoes, garlic and french bread.  The rest of my soup fixins are in the cabinet or fridge.

I took two pieces of sirloin tips and chopped them in small pieces.  I sauteed in Trader Joe’s olive oil with onions, garlic and sweet potato cubes with a little salt & pepper.  As it cooked I stirred sporadically until it made a broth and I added 1/4 cup of cool water s0 that the sweet potato could cook all the way (soften).  I than added a 1/2 cup of Chef Wolfgang Puck All Natural Beef Broth and covered with a lid.

Viola a yummy health soup with lots of great vegetables and also used the same basic recipe to make a goulash where I reduced the broth.  I than ate it with Trader Joe’s brown rice.

I’m becoming such a great cook!!! All I need is a good guy to cook for .. tee hee


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