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Something New / Simon Baker
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Cover of "Something New (Widescreen Editi...
Cover of Something New (Widescreen Edition)

I’m NOT looking for love in all the wrong places (Video on YouTube) instead I’m meeting men in the RIGHT places!

If your new to my dating advice than you may not know that meeting someone isn’t about your ‘tricking’ them, pretending to be someone your not and twisting yourself in knots to be the fake love of their ‘dreams’.  Meeting the RIGHT person is about shared interests, passions, humor and just liking them as a person.  I am also all about dating a man of ANY race who loves a black woman (me!) so want to remind all of the women out in blog land don’t limit yourself to any race or if they are tall and handsome.  Find a GOOD man and go where they hang out!

So hightailed it to the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show and made a new entry to my video dating blog.  NOT just because I like men and men LOVE cars but because I LOVE LOVE LOVE cars!!!  Am a total muscle car geekette and have gone to auto shows in every city where I live.  But am now going with TWO agendas.  Number one is to look ooh and ahh over the cars and the Second reason is to meet/flirt with men.  So if your like me (Single and in LA) check out the auto show.  You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is and how many men are attending the show.  Who knows maybe your eyes will meet over the hood of a Chevy or a BMW or Kia .. who knows!  Just go and have a open heart to meeting someone.

Let me know what you think!

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