It’s my song and I’ll sing to it if I want to!!!

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A Comic Con sign.
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I was asked to be a Brand Ambassador to create my own song a few weeks ago from a website that a friend (I met at GoldStar Tedx in Los Angeles) told me about called your personal song.  It’s  super easy process and not that expensive to get a personalized song in a variety genres from Pop to Country.  I choose Pop music with a couple of words that mean a lot to me.  Sci Fi Geekette (hard word I know), Laugh, Nice, Good Friend, Cherry (my name so self centered! lol), shopping, Star WarsComic Con (tee hee), Witty and Intelligent.  They did a great job of getting ‘me’ and writing something really personal.  I’ve decided it’s going to be my theme so on my site once I figure out to add it!

Check out my Cherry song that I had them write/sing.  It’s kind of cool to have my own song and am so happy with it!  It’s so fun, zany and quirky so it fits me to a capital T!

Let me know what you think!

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