Dating is like the lottery and if you don’t play you WON’T win!!

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Well I wanted to post another dating advice video blog about meeting someone offline.  We’ve all done the online ad thing but I’m currently single and looking to date.  I’m looking at meeting a man using my dating service techniques to show that it does work and that everyone should join my matchmaking service .. hint hint!

So as I truly believe in love.  I’m a complete romantic that thinks everyone can have that spark with their special someone.  I think the spark can be physical, mental or just because they are the ‘one’ and the chemistry is off the charts.  Most people are so caught up in their type that they will walk right past the perfect person for them just because they may not be the perfect height, physical attributes or hair color.  That’s the worst thing about dating sites you have a tendancy to look at your mate the same way you shop for a new dress.  You know what syle, color, material and length and won’t look at anything outside of the picture of your mind.  But sometimes the perfect dress isn’t what you pictured but is the one that fits so well it could have been designed for you.

So make sure when your looking for a great person just try to open your mind and expand your ‘type’.  You might be surprised to find the perfect person for you looks nothing like your dream!


  1. Good luck on your search. It looks like your already well on your way to finding that love connection that you want.

    You are totally right. People need to be more open minded when it comes to dating. My boyfriend isn’t anything like the type of man I thought I wanted to be with but we have great chemistry.
    I actually met him on a dating website. His messages were so much better than all the others I received so I took a chance on meeting him. I’m glad I did. He is the perfect guy for me even though he doesn’t have the superficial qualities that I thought I wanted but

  2. Good Luck on your scavenger hunt 😉 sometimes that’s what it feels like. I hope it’s a fun and rewarding journey in the end for you. I met my current boyfriend online and although we were both in situations where we were in need of a friend, our friendship quickly grew and we have been almost inseperable for 5 years now. He was definitely NOT what I expected but has become the biggest part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without him. I hope you find the same !! I will stay tuned for future updates 🙂

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