It’s been 40 years and the Xenomorph keeps stealing our hearts! 

ALIEN 40th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION LAUNCHES WITH SIX NEW TERRIFYING TALES FROM TONGAL’S EMERGING FAN FILMMAKERS 2019 is the 40thAnniversary of the suspenful horror film that created a genre I had never seen before with acid-bleeding Aliens and a strong female hero.  Twentieth Century Fox Film partnered with the global creative community of Tongal for die-hard talented fans to develop and produce […]

Meet me at the Connect LA Conference by BANFF February 17th

If your in Los Angeles and are working or want to work in the digital entertainment field you have to buy a ticket to attend the 2016 Connect LA conference presented by BANFF on February 17th at the London West Hollywood. The annual event for the Content Industry will have premier speakers in the television and digital media space. Attendees […]

How many people have to get killed??? Gun control now!

We are our brother’s keepers (and sisters too) and if ANY of their neighbors had done the RIGHT thing and call the police about neighbor’s making terrorist threats against the police MAYBE these innocent kids would still have their parents.  Instead because they choose to stick their head in the ground ‘mind their business’ and not behave as part of […]

KATIE COURIC & I ARE Living in the moment

You just never know what life will bring you.  When I first heard about Aimee Copeland’s zipline accident this summer and her contracting the flesh-eating bacteria well it was scary.  I just can’t imagine the difficult decisions that had to be made for her to survive, and the emotional cost.  I thought who wouldn’t be left feeling sad and bitter […]

I’m moving on UP …

I’ve MOVED everything to my new site.  You can check me out at so follow me their!  I’m still working on the bells and whistles but the basics are happening.  As time goes on it will stream my videos, photos, twitter, getglue, reviews and everything that crosses my zany mind!   Hope that 2012 brings you joy, happiness, friends, […]

Did you hear about the business man who refuses to hire until President Obama is out of the White House?

I don’t believe he’s the first person who would rather see our country fall down a black hole than to see President Obama succeed and win a second term.  He’s just the first one (that I know of) to openly voice his loathing for the changes in our country.  It’s all about blaming ‘other’ for the problems and not the […]

Dating is like the lottery and if you don’t play you WON’T win!!

Well I wanted to post another dating advice video blog about meeting someone offline.  We’ve all done the online ad thing but I’m currently single and looking to date.  I’m looking at meeting a man using my dating service techniques to show that it does work and that everyone should join my matchmaking service .. hint hint! So as I […]

New FaceBook Rule

Did you hear that Facebook will be condescing the emails they send out?  I wonder what made them look into doing this?  I want to say I LIKE it since I want to try to keep my email account from getting so many emails!  Urghh it’s hard to get through all of them! We’re trying out a new feature to […]


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