How many people have to get killed??? Gun control now!

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We are our brother’s keepers (and sisters too) and if ANY of their neighbors had done the RIGHT thing and call the police about neighbor’s making terrorist threats against the police MAYBE these innocent kids would still have their parents.  Instead because they choose to stick their head in the ground ‘mind their business’ and not behave as part of society we have ANOTHER senseless tragedy by BAD people with guns!  Notice I didn’t say mentally ill (since they are sane and evil) but instead BAD people.   Now I don’t want to lay all the blame on neighbors who may have been frightened of them but really how many innocent people must die because of craven cowards refuse to enact common sense gun laws!  Really I bet guns would be a hell of a lot safer if individuals could sue gun manufacturers!  But once again the cowards on the hill and state houses DON’T care about us but are instead motivated by greed and pursuit of power.  We as as a people have to stand up and insist that they do something and if they don’t than we need to elect men & women who will!!!  How many mothers and fathers will cry over their dead children?? How many criminals will terrorise the innocent?   Let’s rise up and insist that our government work to keep us safe!  Do you think I’m asking too much?  Leave a comment below ….

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