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Like millions of Americans (OK I don’t know how many watched but it SHOULD be in the millions) I watched the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina and I’m FIRED up to vote for four more years!! Hell yes FOUR more years of President Obama and Vice President Biden leading our nation out of the economic mess President Bush left us to fend for ourselves.

I loved how the First Lady cheered on our nation, our military families, kids getting healthy and yes her husband!  If you missed Mrs. Obama speak you can see it at the White House @youtube channel as well as the video of Mrs. Obama with her husband and kids (see video on @youtube)

She GLOWED with love of our country and of her husband.  Her honesty shown from her big brown eyes like beacons welcoming a ship on stormy seas.

Now Mrs. Obama wasn’t the only one who was proud of the policies of her husband especially his leadership in reforming healthcare.  When I saw Stacy Linch speak (@youtube) about her child being SAVED by the affordable health care act well it made me so proud of electing President Obama.  Yes I’ve supported Obamacare because I’ve gone without insurance,  I have family members with pre-existing conditions and my family has a history of cancer.  Like many other people who have family members with health problems we live in FEAR of insurance companies.  Fear that they will refuse coverage, that they won’t pay for coverage and that the cap will make their life miserable.

FINALLY the Democratic Party is going to FIGHT for health care reform and to let people see the people that are affected by insurance problems.  I can’t wait till more people stand up and say that they support and WANT healthcare reform!  I look forward to other people talking about how reform is affecting them as individuals.  We all deserved the right to access to healthcare.  We all want to not feel as if insurance companies have all the power to make life or death decisions all with their eye on the bottom eye despite being paid dividends for years.  Insurance companies won’t do what’s right unless Obamacare stays on the books or people will be kicked off left and right!

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