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I’m 50 not DEAD!

Embedded image permalinkFashion is for every age not just the pretty young things in the fashion magazines.  One of the great things about Katie Couric is that she’s always been fashionable and stylish, but age appropriate.

She has a new daytime talk show premiering today Monday, September 10, 2012 that will be broadcast live from New York with a studio audience and will be aired at 3 p.m. in most markets, produced and distributed by Disney-ABC.  I caught her on the Chew (ABC) and saw these fun photos she took with the cast on twitter.  I LOVE that she’s looking so sassy with my girl Carla Hall! I was wonder what she’ll be changing into for her premier episode this afternoon.  I was curious so I checked out her pinterest page to get an idea of what she might be wearing.  I love that it’s going to be dresses and separates, perfect for a woman who has to dress business casual but is still feminine!  Everything from camel to POC (pops of color), choices that are appealing to a wide range of women from petite to plus sizes.  Looking at what’s on her page I want to buy EVERYTHING!  A colorful trench coat, wide legged pants, great fall handbags and the dresses are to die for!  I’m so happy that Katie will be wearing dresses to remind women we don’t have to dress like a man to be professional!  I’m tired of suits and being made to feel like I’m not professional if I’m wearing a fashionable outfit!

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Heck fashion is for everybody!  New mothers, Plus size beauties, women battling health issues and well women all of ages want to look good.  Looking pretty cheers everyone up!  I was so happy to see photos of Cheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson all made up looking like a million bucks.  I can’t believe that Sheryl Crow sang Michael Jackson!!! Who doesn’t love a little tee hee in the morning?  I wonder what classic song she sang of Michaels to get the crowd pumped up?  Jessica Simpson is looking really good after having her baby.  I am really impressed with how weight watchers helped to get her back on track to get fit.  I know so many people (men and women) who’ve lost weight and MAINTAINED the weight loss.  I can’t wait for Katie to ask Jessica how she’s juggling new motherhood with the support of family, working out, her business and love life.

‘This Day’ by Sheryl Crow is the theme song for Katie’s new talk show and it sums up my attitude about being a professional, fashionable woman.  This day, I’m going to wear what I want to work, be feminine, professional and still be a woman just like Katie!



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