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I always say yes to Trejo’s Coffee & Doughnuts with a Unicorn floatie! 

Gigi Teen Geek @twitter

Donut Pool Float - Jumbo sized Frosted Berry - over 4 feet wide!

As a sleep deprived high school senior, I spend most of my days hooked on caffeine to keep myself awake, so it’s no surprise that I LOVE coffee! And I honestly have no explanation for why I love donuts; they’re just awesome and I can eat a whole box by myself. This dynamic pairing, donuts and coffee, are a heavenly duol that I’ll unguilty live off of next year at The Ohio State University. So I’m excited that I get to celebrate National Donut Day and cross off trying 
Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts because I have been a huge Danny Trejo fan since birth. I have enjoyed him in my favorite films like The Spy Kids franchise, Machete, and Reaper. 

Giant Unicorn Pool Float - BIGMOUTH INC

His films have been a staple in my family’s weekly movie nights. As part of my senior project obligation I’m living out my Hollywood Reporter dream covering entertainment news for CherryLosAngeles. I plan to get some play in with work so of course I want to soak up the sun at the ocean with a BigMouth Doughnut Floaty …. Hmmm does that make me Rhianna? Or should everyone call me Gigianna? Make sure you follow me on insta and twitter to catch my floatie selfie game and meet me at Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts before I head to the beach!!

BigMouth Air Pump - BIGMOUTH INC


What’s floatie are you going to soak up the sun in? I’m choosing Doughnut and the Giant Unicorn, and I plan on picking up the big mouth air pump! Those floaties will upgrade my Instagram (Gigi_Glam) aesthetic, and become handy when I hit the pool at Ohio State!  Go Buckeyes Class 2022!!!!



Leave a comment below what’s your favorite Trejo Doughut and what BigMouth Floatie you’re picking up?