Eating my way across America with Thrillist Pop Up Road Trip!

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Anyone planning to join me and eat their way across the country? I’m so excited to attend the Culinary Road Trip a Pop-Up dining experience from the great minds of Thrillist this weekend in Hollywood. Looking over the list of locations I’ve either lived or visited every region/city except for Portland! I think that my tastebuds will be flooded with memories from Geno’s Steaks in Philly (you HAVE to order with cheese whiz!) to Giordan’s in Chicago (my first experience with real Chi-Town deep dish – quite embarrassing really my friends and I were on spring break and ordered a pizza. It came to the table with nothing but tomato sauce and no cheese! I said to the waitress that we would like cheese with our pizza and she rolled her eyes and said ‘it’s CHICAGO style the cheese is on the bottom!’ tee hee so embarrassed ). So I can’t WAIT to try some old friends and make new taste memories!


Anyone want to join me for some taste memories this Saturday? Leave a note and let’s get our grub on!


A stomach-stuffing tour of America’s best eats from coast to coast
(Georgetown Cupcakes! Luke’s Lobster rolls! Black Seed Bagels!), all under one roof.
Siren Orange, Studios 1 & 2
1050 N. Orange Drive
Hollywood, CA
Because this “road trip” scores you half a dozen legendary foodstuffs
that you can’t get in LA from culinary masterminds across the country–
including deep-dish slices from Chicago’s Gino’s East,
fresh brews from Portland’s Stumptown Coffee, and more —
plus free giveaways, a few surprises, and more. | 568 Broadway | Suite 507 | New York, NY | 10012

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