“Evil” Does It: Season 1: Episode 1 “The Pilot”

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Left to Right: Michael Emerson (Leland Townsend), Katja Herbers (Kristen Bouchard), Mike Colter (David Acosta), Aasif Mandvi (Ben Shakir)

CBS’s Evil is a compelling spiritual drama, that tackles some questions regarding, faith and the spirit. In many ways it is an examination of the human psyche and questioning of how humane we will are. Or aren’t. In this and in my video reactions (posted on my Twitter account @SkylahAnari) I am not doing spoilers, just an examination as to what I see and appreciate about this series. So, let’s get started.

Heading this team is a believer, David Acosta (Colter) and a non-believer, Kristen Bouchard (Herbers), alongside the snarky and intelligent skeptic, Ben Shakir (Mandvi). This pairing in itself gives us the three personalities involved in faith, the part that dismisses it, the part that dives all in like an Olympic swimmer and the part that will believe, but like Thomas, needs a little proof. Colter and Herbers have this on scene chemistry that is not sexual but really, two sides of the same coin. They just fit. Ben seriously is the most serious but amusing character on this show.

So, there is obviously a creepy factor to this show, I mean, it is called Evil for crying out loud. In all fairness it seems to be more of a mind f- then scary. But there is a part that started off a little creepy/amusing that quickly escalated into full blown creeper: GEORGE!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it, get back to me and tell me if I am wrong. (heads up, I’m not). If you have seen it, you know what I am talking about. CREEPY. This is also where I pushed pause, called my 12 yo son in to finish watching with me. He laughed that I was creeped out. Rude.

What I am loving about this show is really what they are examining. This place where religion and science intersect. Or do they? Is the suspicion of them intersecting enough to test it? Now, we meet a serial killer that makes this question so very valid to this examination. Because then it becomes not only a spiritual concern but also a question of where does evil come from? Is it simply the demons that are around us? Or the ones from inside? Or are they one in the same? I am fully excited, if not a little creeped out, to see where Evil develops into. I will let you know when I finish episode 2.

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