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Living With Chucky, a fantastic new documentary about the killer doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer, will screen at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas this week and Cherry the Geek TV spoke with writer/director Kyra Gardner about the film.

Chucky, who made his onscreen debut in 1988’s Child’s Play and would end up becoming one of horror cinema’s biggest stars, has gone on to slash people in 8 films AND a television series on USA/SyFY, which starts its second season this October.

Gardner, who is the daughter of Chucky puppeteer Tony Gardner, gathered most of the franchise’s big players–writer/creator Don Mancini, producer David Kirschner, actors Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Billy Boyd, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, Christine Elise, and more, as well as big names like John Waters, Lin Shaye, Marlon Wayans, Phineas and Ferb creator Dan Povenmire, to discuss the franchise and the character.

What starts out as a standard retrospective documentary takes a turn in the film’s third act though–and becomes a surprisingly emotional film about family–the relationship between Gardner and her father, the family dynamic of the film’s cast and crew who have grown and expanded over the franchise’s 35-year history, and the relationship between the film’s cast and crew and the franchise’s fans who have kept the film and Chucky relevant for over three decades. It is this emotional turn that elevates this documentary into something very special. Seek this one out, folks. It’s a good one.

The film screens at Fantastic Fest this Sunday September 25th, and again on Thursday September 29th. You can buy tickets here:https://2022.fantasticfest.com/films/62fbbf1dd0f21300854b3725

You can watch the full interview with Kyra Gardner here:

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