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Flamin’ Hot – review CherryLosAngeles

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What a fun spicy movie inspired by how Flamin’ Hot got on the shelves

I was curious when I first heard about Eva Longoria’s feature film directorial debut after hearing great things about the movie. I thought it looked like such a fun movie from the previews of a rags-to-riches American success story.

The film did not disappoint as Eva took a deft hand and team to create a movie that respected not only Mexican American culture but humor as well. I was lucky to attend a panel with Director Eva Longoria, Actor Jesse Garcia, Actress Annie Gonzalez, screenwriter Linda Ivette Chávez, and songwriter Diane Warren who discussed the pitch to Searchlight picture, meeting the Montañez family, writing the script and music.

Searchlight gave her the green light to tell the story her way and she kept on track with lots of humor sprinkled with a couple who did it all with love to offer support to each other. 

The film follows Richard Montañez (Jesse Garcia) and Judy Montañez (Annie Gonzalez) who were living a life off the straight and narrow before adulthood hit them with an unexpected but welcome baby. Richard tried to leave his old life behind and had a difficult time finding a decent job till a friend recommended a janitorial job at Frito Lay. He then looked around to see how he could move up the ladder and his ambition, imagination and spicy cultural seasoning sparked an idea after watching a corporate video from Roger Enrico, CEO (Tony Shalhoub). The story is fleshed out by work friends Clarence C. Baker (Dennis Haysbert) and Hector Morales (Jimmy Gonzales) and rounded out with his difficult relationship with his father Vacho Montañez (Emilio Rivera) that greatly influenced the kind of husband and father Richard wanted to be. 

Jesse Garcia and Annie Gonzalez are the heart and soul of the movie and have great chemistry. They were able to gracefully go from drama to comedy and made them feel real even when they broke the screen wall to talk to the audience. I thought it was adorable when they ‘reimagined’ what happened as well as the faith that kept them moving forward. 

I LOVED this movie and recommend watching it with Flamin’ Hot popcorn and a cold Pepsi!

FLAMIN’ HOT is the inspiring story of Richard Montañez, the Frito Lay janitor who channeled his Mexican American heritage and upbringing to turn the iconic Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into a snack that disrupted the food industry and became a global pop culture phenomenon.

Directed by: Eva Longoria
Screenplay by: Lewis Colick and Linda Yvette Chávez
Produced by: DeVon Franklin
Cast: Jesse Garcia, Annie Gonzalez, Dennis Haysbert, Emilio Rivera, Tony Shalhoub, Matt Walsh, Pepe Serna, Bobby Soto, JimmyGonzales, Brice Gonzalez, Vanessa Martinez, Fabian Alomar, Mario Ponce, and Hunter Jones

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I live in Los Angeles and am a professional in the new media communication and marketing field with experience in non-profit, education, healthcare, political campaign and volunteer management. I’m a trustworthy honest creative professional that is able to offer strategic counseling on marketing & communications using social media. In my spare time I enjoy cultural events, going to the movies, being a foodie, getting in shape and dating.

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