Funko Fundays 2018 Review

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Funko Fundays is an huge event put on by the makers of Funko Pops every year around the same time and location of San Diego Comic Con. Tickets for the event sells out in seconds! So how was I lucky enough to attend last years soiree? Well once you click on the link to purchase your tickets (Only 2 allowed and $150 each) you will be more than likely redirected to a page saying that the event is sold out. Unless you are a lucky soul who manages to get in straight away. After reading the disappointment of not being able to get tickets, there is a Wait list option available to sign up with. After I added my name to the wait list, I had no hope that I would get in, so I forgot all about it. A few weeks before flying out to SDCC, I get an email saying that I got off the wait list and I had a certain amount of time to pay for my ticket.

It only allowed me to buy one and it was not transferable to another person. I couldn’t believe my luck! Fundays is one of the most coveted and exclusive party’s to get into! I asked around on various forms first to make sure it wasn’t a scam and once I confirmed it wasn’t, I hurriedly busted out my credit card to purchase my ticket. $150 is a pretty steep price, but it is definitely worth the price.

The day of the event, I arrived to the hotel that it was being held in early. When the line started to move, they let us know that whoever was around us in line, will be sitting at the assigned tables with you. So if you want to sit with friends, line up with them. As soon as you walk in your ID and ticket are both checked. Once pass security, you are handed a huge Funko bag. Most people find corners right away to see what goodies they were given. My eyes were set on the Corn eating challenge.

Normally chugging a can of kernel corn is not something I would do, but the prizes for winning were to awesome. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize are given Funko Prototypes. These are Pops that are used as a model before the finished product. Some are unpainted and some have paint but no other features. The rules of the game is you must eat a whole of corn. You cannot use your hands and no kernels can fall on the table. The first person to finish gets the biggest prototype. Second contestant gets medium size and the 3rd person gets a smaller one. All of them are still awesome. As for the person who came in 4th (*cough cough me*) you win a button saying that you participated. After having my fill of corn and hanging my head in defeat, I headed into the dining hall to find my friends and to see what I received in my Funko Bag. Last years theme was 80’s Prom. In my bag I received a locker box of Freddy Funkos (he’s the official mascot of the company) dressed in various ways. And a prototype, I had to ask around who the character was, come to find out he was from a Capcom video game.

There was a huge buffet laid out with dinner style food and desserts. Also included in you ticket admission is two drink tickets for soda or alcohol ( must be over 21 for the adult beverages) Instead of diving into the buffet I walked to an empty hallway to take a phone call. It was quieter over there so I could hear what the caller was saying. As I was conversing on my phone, I noticed two men (who didn’t have Funko badges on) kept looking at me and whispering in hushed tones. I became freaked out and as someone else walked past from using the restroom, I hurried along aside them to get out of the hallway. The two men then called after me and asked if I wanted to sell my bag to them. I can only assume they may have been staying in the hotel, but not apart of the Fundays event. So a tip if you go, always be aware of your surroundings and if you can leave your pops with someone you trust, please do.

I made my way to my assigned table and after a bit, the festivities began. Poster boards and markers were passed around to each table. We were tasked with coming up with a prom style poster for Funko and it would be voted on by ‘celeberty’ guest. After making the posters, performances began on the stage. They had an amazing quick changing couple, acrobat, and cheerleading routines. Throughout the night, the tables had been divided into groups. I was in The Goonies group. Different groups won different Funko prizes. By the end of the night I had not only the pops that they gave us when we walked in, but even more from them handing them out. I got a few Stranger Things pops, a Freddy Funko pez dispenser, and a Star Wars Yoda pop. A few celebs had dropped by during the evening. David Hopper from Stranger Things. Walter Jones from the OG Power Rangers and I think those were the only two that I remember.

As the night wound down, tshirts were being thrown out and finally I was able to catch one. As everyone existed the building, I made sure to walk with a group back to my hotel. Other than the little scare I had, it was truly a great experience and I hope that I can attend again this year. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday (5/22/19) between the hours of 10am-1pm PST. A link and possibly a secret word to open the portal, will be tweeted out from Funko’s official Twitter account. Good luck to everyone trying!

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