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If you love Pokemon Go! And Harry Potter, then today is a great day for you! From the Warner Brothers company and Niantic, makers of Pokemon Go! and Ingress, comes Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Much like Pokemon Go! Wizards Unite uses an avatar that capture magical creatures, travel to magical places and collect special artifacts. Users can choose their own Wizards name, pick which Hogwarts House you identify with and cast magic spells to put the magical creatures back where they belong.

I downloaded it today as soon as I saw it was available and the AR is amazing! The game has frozen up a few times, but I am currently in an airport, so that might have something to do with my service rather the game. I chose my players name and house (Hufflepuff Pride!!!) and I am ready to start this journey. You can also share your friend ID from the game and add players to help increase social benefits. Such as bonus Wizarding XP and Wizarding Challenge XP.

Are you excited for this new game!? And which house are you going to be sorted in?