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Left to Right: Asher (MattMcGorry), Connor (Jack Falahee), Michaela (Aja Naomi), Oliver (Conrad Ricamora)

We have already kicked off the the 6th and final season of one of ABC’s most thrilling dramas, How to Get Away with Murder. Starring the exquisitely talented, Oscar and Tony winning, Viola Davis, HTGAWM has taken us on a roller coaster ride through lies, betrayals, subterfuge and of course, murder.

I feel in love with this show because of its diversity as much as the thrilling mysteries that surround these murders, and there have been a few. Shonda Rhimes and Peter Nowalk has built a cast full of diversity, complexities and intriguing stories. I can’t say there is a favorite, because each character has so much to love about them. Annalise, played by Davis, has been the only one without blood on her hands, besides Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), and has taken the most abuse, some self-inflicted. Yet, at the beginning of the season we found out that the final murder is hers. We still don’t know yet who did it, but I have my theory; she dies by Laurel’s hands (Karla Souza). But we shall see.

Each character has backstories that keep drawing you in, but it is the decisions they keep make your eyes glued to the screen. This season is full of so many things; Michaela (Aja Naomi) meets her father, who is kind of a “Zaddy”, Oliver gets his first three-some, Asher (Matt McGorry) starts a somewhat serious self-reflection and Frank (Charlie Weber) gets the first beat-down that I have ever really seen him get. Those alone make you tune in each Thursday night.

I do not know how this is all going to end, but I am 100% on board and can’t miss one moment.

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Skylah Anari

I am a little weird and I love that. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and after 7 years in the military, I moved to LA to become a part of this crazy entertainment world. Having the chance to put my thoughts out on this slice of life is an awesome experience. So, join me on my journey through all this, grab a slice of my weirdness and enjoy the insanity.