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I’m part of the 74% of people who don’t believe that we are alone in the universe.

How can Earth be the only planed in the cosmos with intelligent life?  Are we the oldest race or are there other intelligent beings living their own lives looking up to the sky wondering the exact same question?  If you missed Sunday’s event premier of ‘Are We Alone’ don’t despair since it’s still continuing with an episode that asks the question ARE WE ALONE?  This episode of Wormhole with Morgan Freeman have scientists pondering ‘Is God an Alien Concept’?

I am fascinated by the pull of religion vs science as if the two are magnets or (better description) at war well only ONE can be the victor.    I think that there is a God, that science is right and that aliens are on other planets.  I’m not saying they are humanoid and look just like us, think like us and worship like us but I do believe that we are not unique in the cosmos.  One day we will meet aliens and I (for one) hope they are friendly.  I’d hate for humans to be the indigenous people discovered by an advanced people who look at us as not ‘equal’ and only worthy of eradication.

So mark your calendar for a special episode on Wednesday, March 5th with Morgan Freeman and let’s talk ‘Is God an Alien Concept’??? Is it blasphemy to think that there are other species not created in our God’s image?

“Is God An Alien Concept?”

Morgan Freeman
Airing only during ARE WE ALONE? WEEK, an all-new episode of the critically acclaimed series THROUGH THE WORMHOLE WITH MORGAN FREEMAN features scientists seeking answers to the controversial question – “Is God An Alien Concept?”

A Special Episode for ARE WE ALONE? WEEK

World Premieres March 5 at 10 PM ET/PT

Only on Science Channel



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