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So how did you spend your Labor Day weekend?  I got to enjoy the sun, food and drinks at the Los Angeles Times the Taste at Paramount Studio.  This is the second year of the affordable food festival and had a few changes from the first year (multiple venues across town).  Instead the decision to keep it at one location made it simpler for attendees and am sure the vendors who participated. Hmmmm all of the food was good but some booths really stood out for me.  Sysco had an oasis where everyday they served up delicious steak that they sell to high end restaurants.  So they blew me away since I didn’t know very much about their level of service.  When I think of Sysco it’s that they supply business cafeterias, schools and volume retailers but that they have this kind of steak.  Let me just say they got to know me since I was sampling to my hearts content and as an Iowan (born and raised) I KNOW a good cut of steak and by dang they had some great steak!  Now I just didn’t go crazy at Sysco and eat the well seasoned, perfectly grilled steak they had out every day NO SIR I also tried vegetarian and vegan options.  One booth where I enjoyed healthy fare was Tender Greens a local restaurant with two locations (Pasadena & Culver City).  I enjoyed the salad and little cake that I asked them a few questions about the tasty food for my Tender Greens @youtube channel.

My favorite sweets were a major tie between Créme Caramel LA and Sweets for the Soul.  They both had different kinds of desserts.  Créme Caramel LA specializes in bread puddings and Créme Caramel that are custards with the perfect blend of sweetness without being too heavy that are redolent with vanilla and other spices.  I briefly interviewed the owner and you can see the video (Créme Caramel LA) cherrylosangeles @youtube. Sweets for the Soul had a shortbread cookie that has a decadent layer of caramel and milk chocolate that knocked it out of Paramount studios.  I kept saying that I was too stuffed to eat another bite but my hand out of it’s own volition kept bringing it to my willing mouth to savor the crunchy cookie.  LOVE them both and refuse to choose!  They both appeal to different moods and taste desires so they are my new love replacing .. cupcakes! <scream>  Who knew that anything could replace my love affair with the cupcake it’s been so long and we’ve been in a committed relationship but .. well it’s over!  tee hee

My favorite restaurant is RockSugar I know it’s an old favorite since I go so often the chef knows my name but what can I say good is GOOD and they are Great!  They served up a Indonesian spicy shrimp that sadly I was unable to eat because of allergies but everyone raved about.  It was also impressive that Chef Mohan ran his booth like he was launching the space shuttle.  Everything went off without a hitch with fast service and the shrimp came out looking as good as at the restaurant!

But it wasn’t just food but also music, drinks and fun giveawas!  I tried my first Svedka Colada Vodka having a booth for the first two days with a fun tshirt (see how it’s made at Svedka Tshirt cherrylosangeles @youtube), photo and three tastings of their newest drink (review on Have you tried Svedka Colada Vodka cherrylosangeles @youtube).  It was really tasty and I’ve added this to my favorite drinks!

I spent some time being serenaded by the Mariachi Band at the Hoya Cafe @youtube and briefly chatted with one of the chefs with a very sexy charming accent and got to try his fresh strawberry leche cake (very good!)!

All in all a great weekend that will take me a few days to recover from eating that much food!

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