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I’m just not that into the Winchester boys as I used to be. I mean I have my reasons that are all very valid (in my humble opinion). I’m over the angels. I mean REALLY over the angels and their superpower of being so annoying that I want to see Crawly (that’s a bit of a misnomer since he’s great in VERY small doses RARE small doses).

Is it WHEN did I start to fall out of love with the series I’ve watched from the beginning or WHY?

Well let me count the ways:

  1. When MG was in charge it had a funny side that still respected the horror I adore without being too graphic
  2. They kill off the Winchester boy’s father figures, friends and lovers over and over and over again! Usually as a way to move the plot since the writers seem a little bored I get it they can only rely on themselves but DAMN it’s dangerous to be within 5 feet of them!
  3. They live in such a white world that when they are in MN they just blend. ALSO I’m from Iowa and can say that the Midwest is much more diverse than they think!
  4. The angels the freaking bland angels! Urghh they’ve managed to ruin them for me since they are total body snatchers and usually are jackasses.
  5. Can they find some supernatural creatures that AREN’T werewolves and vampires? I mean the whole WORLD has monsters can they do a little research and write in a little monster diversity?
  6. The cameos… blech the freaking cameos where they bring the same guest stars back over and over and over (you get the point). If I didn’t like them the first 3 times they had a ‘extra special’ episode believe you me I like them even less the 20th time!!
  7. The mark of Cain looked like it might be a great story line for Dean to explore his darker side but they haven’t really explored it and made it front and center. Either do something with the mark of Cain or just cure him and be done with it!
  8. I really miss the interaction with other hunters. Nothing against Castiel but his character feels stuck with no real growth from the first two seasons.


Supernatural was my never miss show and now it’s just stale and a bit boring. I wish they’d go back to basics with two brothers against the world of monsters and their hunter friends with a story arc that changes every season instead of them treading water!


Are you ready to break up with Supernatural or will you ‘hope they change’??? Leave a comment below!

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