Interview with Actor Sean Cameron Michael for Upcoming Film Last Broken Darkness

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Sean Cameron Michael is a South African actor and writer. You probably know him best as Richard Guthrie in the Emmy-winning pirate adventure series Black Sails. You might have also seen him in the Emmy-winning miniseries, The Triangle, as well as Fox’s multi-Emmy and Golden Globe nominated feature 24: Redemption.


You will soon see him as the lead in the 2017 indie film, Last Broken Darkness, directed by Christopher-Lee Dos Santos. This film follows a man named Sam (Sean Cameron Michael) who is facing the end of the world and dealing with the death of his son. He is forced to survive underground after a massive meteor shower hits earth. He tries to do so with his good friend Troy (Brandon Auret) and a young woman Rose (Suraya Santos). However, they face many challenges including heavily armed rangers, bandits, mutated creatures, cannibals and so much more. It’s a thrilling journey that reveals the strength of friendships in the face of death.


Below is an exclusive interview with Sean Cameron Michael about the making of this film:


Q: What attracted you to Last Broken Darkness?

SCM: I’ve known Christopher-Lee Dos Santos for years and I’ve previously worked with him on a short film a few years ago. When he emailed the script to me,, I read it and noticed that the story started off as a drama about a single father who’s an alcoholic and dealing with the death of his wife and child. But then meteor showers start to happen, turning the story into a sci-fi one with lots of action as Sam tries to get to safety. It’s not just a post-apocalyptic film but a film that blends multiple genres, which made it so much more appealing.


Q: How did you get into the mindset of your character, Sam?

SCM: When I first read the script, I was worried about playing such a challenging role especially because the character isn’t so likable. After being forced to survive underground without his family, Sam is of course a sad and morbid character. It was a challenging role but I do consider myself a method actor. I would prepare a few months before shooting the film to understand Sam psychologically. As an actor, you always want to strive for authenticity and honesty.


Q: How did Sam’s relationship with Brandon Auret’s character, Troy, affect him?

SCM: Brandon and I been friends for a long time. I think it really shows in our chemistry on screen too. I think his character, Troy, actually made Sam more of a likable character. Troy added some comedic relief and it would lighten my character up.


Q: Since you consider yourself a method actor, how did you separate yourself from the character you were playing?

SCM: After I’m done filming, I like to wash the character off. I would jump into the shower and literally wash him off. After months of being in his headspace, it’s a symbolic way of leaving the character behind.


Q:What do you think will make the film so appealing to an American audience?

SCM: You know, I asked Chris for the final cut of the film just so I can watch it as if I were a third party. I sat down and watched the film with a notepad on me but by the end of it, I had written no notes. The film is truly in a league of its own. It’s not your standard horror movie but it also pays great homage to the post-apocalyptic genre. I believe that when you watch the film, you will see what I see: that a lot of passion and a lot of love was put into making it. It’s not just about zombies; it’s about friendship and sacrifices. It’s also beautifully scored and edited. For lack of a better term, it’s a strange film but in a good way. It’s just different. The audience will want to understand the characters’ mindsets and root for them to survive.


Q: If the world were to end like it did in the film, how would you as Sean Cameron Michael try to survive?

SCM: That’s a great question. Of course, one would be depressed and confused at first. But I think I would just remain the same and try to make the most of it. I would try to make friends and make the best possible life in that situation. I also think this film allows the audience to ask themselves the same question: “What would I do?” Throughout the film, there are a lot of elements that make you question the characters’ actions. In a world that’s ending, it begs the question: “Would you take the risk and go above ground or would you rather live in safety but underground for the rest of your life?”



Last Broken Darkness is set to premiere in Florida at the popular 12th annual Sunscreen Festival on April 29th, 2017 and will be released later this year. You can check out the Director’s Sneak Peek Reel here: 


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